Imagine the world underwater! Ocean, lakes, and streams. This Mixed Media class will give you an opportunity to create an underwater picture using acrylics and seas glass and/or beach pebbles. There are lots of things from nature that can be added to your creation.  Choose 1 of the below as your creation!!!

Date:  Thursday August 3
Time:  2-5 pm OR 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Cost:  $45

Supplies to bring:
Basic tool kit including:
***Must have a nonstick craft mat
Adhesives (dry, liquid, glue dots).
Dimensional adhesive (foam squares or foam tape).
Scotch tape.
Baby wipes.

-Paint brushes in various sizes, preferably not brushes that have hair or fine bristles, they come off and stick  in your glaze coatings
-Spray bottle of water
-Paper towel
-Water container

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