Continuing my love affair with Basic Grey Out of Print paper... this little album is a marvel. It features all sorts of pockets, tags and flip pages that will fit 4"x6" photos, and the binding is constructed in such a way that your book won't "sit funny" when you fill it up. You won't believe how much you can put into it!

You will learn clever, but insanely simple, techniques that will allow you to modify, expand, and add to the basic design. Before you know it, you will be designing your own albums. There are no rules with this album, and each person will end up with an album that is unique to its creator. As usual, there will be a complete tutorial, chock full of photos, for you to have for future use.

Pre-registration [and full payment] will be required for this class, as supplies will have to be ordered to accommodate all registrants.

Details to follow, including registration deadline. Stay tuned!